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Depression at 3AM

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Solution Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Depression isn’t always at 3AM when you’re alone with your thoughts.


Sometimes it's at 3PM when you’re surrounded by loved ones and smiling faces; or keeping conversations on a “surface level” because you’re afraid sharing how you truly feel. Depression is an ailment that can have a serious and lasting effects if left untreated. It can harm your relationships, increase your risk of drug and/or alcohol use, and make it more difficult to recover from corporal illness.


Depression has any number of triggers, and some are unassuming everyday challenges such as stressors at home or work. Maybe you have experienced traumatic events in childhood that you have suppressed for quite some time, but your mind, body, and spirit can no longer hide the impact.


If you’ve been feeling down to the point of not being able to enjoy everyday life, you may need some extra support. I’ve enjoyed helping endless patients recognize those challenging feelings of sadness, frustration, irritability, and loneliness through cognitive behavioral therapy. I practice challenging my patients to create a new perspective. Additionally, our counselors and LCSW's can pull from a variety of techniques to help you find more meaning and direction.


If you are seeking to be seen, heard, and valued for everything you are, you are in the right place. 3AM Counseling Services will provide treatment to help you regain control of your life! 

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