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Family and Couple's

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Understanding resolving of family dynamic and relationship concerns.

Are you struggling with uncertainty that arise in your relationship with your significant other, parent, or child? You are not alone. Life has a way of making close relationships, the most challenging.  You may feel like it's time to begin healing as an individual, as well as  within your closest relationships. 3AM Counseling Services is here to help you experience healthier communication and a more secure connection between you and your loved ones, and rebuild what has been lost. We begin first by getting to know you, your family, and what you may be looking to gain from our sessions.

Couples counseling is often used to improve communication, learn how do disagree in a healthy and constructive way, negotiate differences, or increase intimacy.

Family counseling has many of the same principals and is often used to deal with matters regarding more than one individual or couple. This may present itself as a need to improve parent-child relationships, address behavioral concerns in the children, or learning to cope with a family member’s physical or mental illness. Family counseling is also often used in conjunction with individual and / or couples work.


Our family and couples counseling sessions mainly focus on understanding resolving of family dynamic and relationship concerns. 3AM Counseling Services works to provide support for the important relationships in your life. You and your loved ones deserve to feel hope again, to heal, and to experience more fulfillment.

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