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Anxiety at 3AM

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Solution Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Are you often feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, or simply cannot ease your nerves enough to focus on the task at hand? Has your anxiety affected you to the point where you’ve thought of taking off or skipping out of professional and informal social functions? Do you get triggered by demanding situations and have panic attacks?

Anxiety is not a visible ailment such as a broken leg or a stuffy nose, but can be debilitating in its own way and prevent you from functioning at your full potential. Dealing with anxiety symptoms is not easy. Anxiety can present itself in various ways such as fatigue, lack of concentration, panic, constant worry, avoidance of social situations and much more.

Maybe you’re frustrated and don’t have a support system. It may feel like no one understands you. Or perhaps you’re concerned because you can’t comprehend what exactly is happening with you. You might think—Why am I so agitated these days. And you may worry about how your feelings of anxiety could impact your job, relationships, or school. But worry no more, as you have come to the right place.


3AM Counseling Services is the support system you need. Our counselors and LCSW’S offer Solution Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that will help you to silence those recurring thoughts by exploring where they come from and how to change them. 3AM Counseling Services will provide treatment to help you regain control of your life.

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